Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spirit Cheer Along the year. (Tasikians)

We are the Tasikians,
From below to the top;
Come on Tasikians let us shout!

Turn to right, Turn to the left,
No enemies appear anywhere,
I say right, you say nehhhh,
If you see one just beware

Our spirit are strong,
And will never go down,
Our school are peace,
Plus, everyone love to say cheese!

Every year is a challenge,
For us to be on the top,
Do not give up until it finish,
You will feel the joy that will never blemish

So long, farewell,
Goodbye to all the seniors,
May your future go well,
Go Tasikians you can do it!

by Faris Fikri

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

kerink..nak cedok spirit nh letak kt blog kuwh ley x?? besh lak..;D


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