Monday, November 22, 2010

Besties Day Out!

*too many paparazzi! ouch
Salam 'alaik. On 20th November 2010, I spent my day with my besties! YEY. hehe. Tak tahu nak ngomel apa. Just nak upload picture dekat sini. Korang layann je okay. And and pasal edisi Dubai tu, terpaksa ditangguhkan sebab tak jumpa my external. humhum.

*with the Kenny Rogers-ians

*madd and hizzam

*nizam and me. HAH! isn't the camera looks cute. We found it at Times Square. Not a lomo camera i think. It only cost RM25. Available only in two colours, red and pink. Use film. ;]

*nizam & dekmin. uww i like nizam's bag

*EH terjumpa my sis & her bf pulak kan.. hehe


*nak tahu apa ada dalam plastic? stay tune till the next entry

*unplanned. we just say HI and they gave positive feedback. Didn't know their names, just know they are from Spain! uwww. thanks anyway! such a memory to keep

*1..2..3..4..5..6..7.. 8?

Sebagai penutup, saya sajikan dengan gambar paling comel! heheh. BOOOOOMMM

thanks for viewing!


4umyfans said...

sangat style! yeayy!

entry best <

syu. said...

camera tu comel >.<
nak nak . hee


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