Thursday, November 25, 2010

35mm Film Scanner with LCD and SD slot

I can't believe this! Oh wawww!! Tak sangka benda ni wujud. Sangat kagum. Sangat impressive! Sangat terkejut. Rasa macam nak nages weh! Tak tahu kenapa terlalu addicted sangat. And saya takde duit. Jadi here, i want to share what i wanted, i know that i can't have it now, i'll have it later. If you guys interested, then go buy it! Oh i'll be that jealous with those who bought it. Dem.

Wondering where to buy this? Search it on google. I searched it out, and i just took a glance at, on 2nd November, the price is RM366. The design is little bit different, but still, own the same function. Check it out!


Nadly said...

Bagus utk org yg nk try full frame (35mm) nye gamba, tp xde duit. DSLR yg 35mm nye sensor paling murah dlm RM6000. Huhu.

saye kerink said...

Yeah yeah!
Anyway, okay wowww mahal gila!
tak payah beli ye encik.nadly! hehe ;]

Nadly said...

haha actlly i'm talking bout my camera huhu :)

saye kerink said...

huh? yr camera worth rm6k? wawww


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