Thursday, November 25, 2010

LOMO camera

Remember the above photo that i took last saturday with my friend at Times Square. Well at first i thought i just a normal camera. I didn't aspect it to be one of the Lomo Camera. Well, i'm wrong! I just found out it is called, Lomo Aqua Underwater Waterproof, COOLIO!! I want to buy it tomorrow! I don't care! I want it so badly. And i wanted to survey at some Camera Shop nearby , i'm buying the film. wawwww!!

*Kodak Ultramax,
*Kodak Professional 400 TMAX Black and White Negative 135-36,
*Agfa CT Precisa 100 135-36

I really hope that the film suit the camera. Well, according to what i've just read, it use 35mm film. Banyak nya duit FF. Okay sebenarnya ni je duit yang tinggal. Lepas ni tak tahu nak korek tang mana duit. Actually dekat ade je lagi murah giler!! Tapi payment dia guna PayPal. Obviously saya tak reti guna paypal and amat takut nak register Ebay. what the..! Anyone? FF sedang membazir duitnya yang dah sesak. HELP ME! gila addicted kan?

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W N Adilah ooh*) said...

kan dah is a LOMO :)


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