Thursday, December 9, 2010


Salam. Alhamdulillah. I got place at the college. I know i should be HAPPY and GLAD because my application has been accepted! But then.. I'm in dilemma. Because i already decided to stay outside with Aizad, Zamir, Arul, Faez and 4 others.. after thinking so long... It just.. At our place, there's no perumahan nearby the campus.. We need to go out for 7km.. And and, it's hard to find house for rent at Kuala Pilah..

Currently, among 9 of us, i'm the only one that get place at the college. Faez told me his application failed.. While Aizad, Zamir & Arul decided to stay at the house that we already paid its deposit which cost RM1000. Hump.. My mum said that if i got the college, then just stay at the college. I want to.. I loved to.. but then.. if i choose college, who will replace my place at the house? Then after i finished my semester two, and i didn't get the college for the next semester, where i'm gonna stay for the following semester? Ouhh.....!

I love staying inside of the campus.. Easy for me to go to class without using any vehicle, i can just walk and and there's anjung(cafe) at the middle of the student college.. I can buy my breakfast, lunch, dinner there without going far to find stall/restaurant.. You know.. when we staying outside, there's lots of money that we need to pay for.. We need to use tons of money.. I don't want to burden my parents.. I felt sympathy to those who didn't get place at the college.. Ohhhh....... and Faez, he's sounds very disappointed.. Hum.

Anyway, my dilemma aren't really a dilemma. I can just fix this. I just need to tell the others my decision.. about me.. staying at the college.. I love to stay inside till i finish my studies.. but then it is impossible, as time goes by, tons of new students will come in.. Boys only own a couple block of the college, while girls own eight blocks. Hahhh. 1.. 2.. tighten my shoes.. 3.. 4.. shut the door.. 5.. 6.. ?


Nadly said...

Same with me tho. I love staying on-campus. But since, it's weekly rate increase from year to year, so I decided to go flatting off - campus. Still got reasonable costs and accessible to and fro campus! Huhu.

Kei Hiroki said...

so duduk kolej ke x?


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