Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Route to The*Click* Shop

Click on the above picture, they the one that help me to get the route to The*Click* Shop by using public transport. See how 1Malaysia they are! I love MALAYSIA!!! Oh oh oh.. and and i can't wait to get there this Saturday. InsyaAllah. I decide to drag along my bestfriend, Hizzam Halim. Hehe. Atleast, there's someone there to accompany me.

And gambar bawah ni pulak diperoleh setelah godek godek RapidKL punya website. Baru tahu wujudnya website ni. haha. Good! Senang. Siapa bagitau harga and estimate time lagi tau. WOW wow. haha. And betul lah, tidak ada sangsi lagi, betul apa yang Syed & Nicole cakap. See see the prove!

I'm lovin it! ;]

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